Here’s the truth. The maximum return on investment with SEO services will only be reached if you couple your SEO efforts with content marketing. We know that may sound odd coming from an SEO company! Yes, SEO in itself will help your site. But the biggest gains in Google page rank will only be realized through consistently publishing new SEO optimized content- aka. “content content marketing picturemarketing”.

Think about it. Why are the top ranking websites for your industry on page one? Obviously there are a lot of factors that Google’s algorithm take into account. Yet one of the biggest factors is keywords.

Google handles about 1.7 billion searches per day. With that many searches happening, Google’s algorithm has to figure out which web pages to show.

Keywords on the webpage tell Google what that page is about, and how closely it matches the search intent. That’s why keywords, and content marketing, is so important!

Yet, you can’t just pack a web page full of keywords, that’s called “keyword stuffing”. If Google sees that happening, your website can actually be penalized, and kept out of search results. We only rely on “white hat” SEO tactics, to keep our clients positioned to gain page rank, rather than lose it!

Only 38% of businesses have a documented content marketing strategy.

Pull ahead of the competition with an SEO optimized content marketing strategy!

But it’s not just about content. The content must be valuable and relevant to a targeted audience. And the ultimate goal isn’t just to provide great information, it’s to drive meaningful action. The content must be done in such a way as to lead the user toward the action that you want them to take, and convert into a customer. That is the power of content marketing!

72% of businesses doing content marketing, say it has increased their number of leads.


How Much Content Do You Need?

How much content marketing you should invest in depends on your goals and resources available. For some small businesses, posting twice a month is about all you have bandwidth or budget for. For others who are really trying to gain market share, those businesses will want to post at least 4 times a week. This is based on a study done by Hubspot, where businesses that posted at least 16 times per month, saw 3x the traffic of those that posted less.

We’ve had success with this method, and increased a client’s national organic traffic year over year by over 200%!

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